Dienstag, Oktober 28, 2008

Post aus Belgien von Tinja's Stormy Cloud ( Britisch Langhaar blue point-white van )

Hello Martina,hope you and your family of cats are doing well :-) Here are some pictures from Stormy and his girlfriend. Stormy is doing great. His preferred toy is now a dice that lights when knocked. He understands how to make it flash, so he rolls it until it hits a wall or something hard so that light shines. The shorthair female is Diam's. I got her this year too. She is Black Silver Tabby point. She also likes to play with the dice and they goalong very well. But she is much harder to take pictures of because she likes to move.
I don't know if you received my e-mail with the pictures of Stormy andDiam's, but here are some additional news. Stormy Cloud is reallycrazy for that shining dice and plays with it all day long (though Imust have more than 40 toys in total). I think I'll elect that toy"Toy of the year!".He goes very well along with Diam's, they play together a lot as well.Looks like they will be made for each other ;)Stormy eats well, grows and takes weight, so everything is going well :-) Stormy is doing great! He has a good appetite, plays a lot, purrs alot, still adores getting cuddles. My lilac male and him go perfectlyalong now :-)Hope your little balls of fur are all doing well too ;)


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